Surprise! Seven Chinese Cities I’ve Never Visited


Credit: Mike Behnken

1. Hong Kong 香港

HK was always on my list of places to visit but reading and reviewing Year of Fire Dragons really heightened that desire. When ZJ and I went to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, we were hungry to squeeze in a day in HK, utimately deciding a day would not do the city justice. (We also would need to get a new visa as the tourist visa he received with his HK travel docs expired long ago.)

2. Hangzhou 杭州

Coined “Heaven on Earth,” Hangzhou is home to the West Lake 西湖, an inspiration of poets and painters since the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). The freshwater lake houses gardens, temples, a tea farm, a spring, tombs, and a museum, surrounded by cloud-laden hills. Bonus: Visiting Hangzhou might result in an encounter with Jocelyn 🙂

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Travel Thursdays

I never really wrote an in-depth post about our “honeymoon” in Yunnan, mentioning the trip and posting a few photos when I accepted the Liebster Award.

“Honeymoon” hence forth will be in quotations because the trip included my youngest sister, and friends, who were also colleagues of mine at Xi’an International Studies University.

I’d describe it more as a trip that just so happened to precede our wedding ceremony.

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Guest Post: Q & A with Speaking of China

I’m excited to have “virtually” sat down with Jocelyn, the writer, blogger, and creator behind Speaking of China. She’s inspired me to pursue topics that haven’t always been the easiest to put pen to paper

We discussed how she ended up in China, learned the language, the places and foods that delight her, also sneaking in an inquiry about Xi’an, her AMWF marriage, juggling the blogging-work-life balance, and what she’s been working on recently. 

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On the streets of Zhengzhou, where Jocelyn first lived in China

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Guest Post: A South-China Expat Explores Xi’an

Linda from Linda Living in China shares what she loved about visiting Xi’an. She captures the reaction that I had to the Terracotta Warriors, describes 镜糕, and the overall feeling Xi’an musters up as a historical and multicultural city, at least for China.  

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I moved to China in late 2012 and lived in Guangzhou for six months to complete an internship in online marketing. Now, I am back but live in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.


Linda pictured in front of the Bell Tower

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