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In case you missed my second attempt at guest posting over at Jocelyn’s Speaking of China, where I disclose advice on repatriation:

Staying connected to China, however you see fit. I read Chinese several times a week, picking up children’s books, written in Chinese, from the public library. The librarian bequeathed a stack of books to me, saying the library had no room or real need for them. Among them was Eric CarIe’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a children’s story I had a copy of and had my sister purchased for one of my nephews. I also read literature by Chinese authors, in translation of course, or books, fiction and nonfiction alike, interweaving China into their narratives. Keeping up with your spoken Chinese, even if, like me, you are merely conversational, proves as yet another way to stay connected. Talk to your in-laws, even if saying hello, how are you, and wishing them good health is all you can muster. Nag your husband to keep in touch with his family, friends, and acquaintances; it is easy and free to connect on WeChat. Watch Chinese films and TV shows together (we fawned over Jia Zhangke films and Hunan TV’s 爸爸去哪儿第三季…kudos to readers who uncover why 😉 ), partake in Chinese chess 象棋, mahjong 麻将, and Chinese card games. Find your area’s most authentic Chinese restaurant, frequent it, making sure to use the visit as a chance to practice Chinese with people other than your spouse.

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Guest Post: Q & A with Speaking of China

I’m excited to have “virtually” sat down with Jocelyn, the writer, blogger, and creator behind Speaking of China. She’s inspired me to pursue topics that haven’t always been the easiest to put pen to paper

We discussed how she ended up in China, learned the language, the places and foods that delight her, also sneaking in an inquiry about Xi’an, her AMWF marriage, juggling the blogging-work-life balance, and what she’s been working on recently. 

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On the streets of Zhengzhou, where Jocelyn first lived in China

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Guest Post: A South-China Expat Explores Xi’an

Linda from Linda Living in China shares what she loved about visiting Xi’an. She captures the reaction that I had to the Terracotta Warriors, describes 镜糕, and the overall feeling Xi’an musters up as a historical and multicultural city, at least for China.  

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I moved to China in late 2012 and lived in Guangzhou for six months to complete an internship in online marketing. Now, I am back but live in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.


Linda pictured in front of the Bell Tower

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Guest Post: Gift Giving in China

My first guest post is from My New Chinese Wife, a resource devoted to finding love in China, discussing one particularly interesting item blacklisted as far as gift giving is concerned in China.

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The Legend of the Green Hat

Gift giving is one of the most important gestures in China, so regardless of you coming here for business or to meet someone special, this is a custom that you are bound to get yourself sucked into at one point or another. I’m sure that you can find literally thousand of websites on the net talking about Chinese gift giving etiquettes, but in this article I will restrict myself to only one of these.

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