Travel Thursdays

I never really wrote an in-depth post about our “honeymoon” in Yunnan, mentioning the trip and posting a few photos when I accepted the Liebster Award.

“Honeymoon” hence forth will be in quotations because the trip included my youngest sister, and friends, who were also colleagues of mine at Xi’an International Studies University.

I’d describe it more as a trip that just so happened to precede our wedding ceremony.

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Throwback Thursdays

These photos are from both trips to Guangzhou as well as a few photos from the Windows of the World in Shenzhen. We first went to Guangzhou in January to submit the petition for the Direct Consular Filing process (I’ll be writing about this soon). Our second trip took us to GZ in early April where ZJ had the medical exam and interviewed at the consulate; we opted to take the whole week and also travel to Shenzhen.

Life’s been hectic, in an excellent way, but I do have a whole lot of news to share and an update is in the works. Just bear with me as I go through a bit of a dry spell!