Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: Q & A, My Nominees

I’m honored Jocelyn at Speaking of China nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Speaking of China and Jocelyn have been a tremendous resource and support system for me; I even guest posted not once but twice! Too many of her posts have resonated with me, however there is one in particular that, unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable linking here. Jocelyn, if you read this, I am sure you will know the post in question. Thank you…

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Guest Post: Q & A with Speaking of China

I’m excited to have “virtually” sat down with Jocelyn, the writer, blogger, and creator behind Speaking of China. She’s inspired me to pursue topics that haven’t always been the easiest to put pen to paper

We discussed how she ended up in China, learned the language, the places and foods that delight her, also sneaking in an inquiry about Xi’an, her AMWF marriage, juggling the blogging-work-life balance, and what she’s been working on recently. 

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On the streets of Zhengzhou, where Jocelyn first lived in China

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