Guest Posts

Xiananigans welcomes guest posting on These topics:
  • AMWF relationships
  • China, Chinese language learning, Chinese culture
  • Xi’an
  • Traveling
  • Living and working abroad
  • Life after living and working abroad
  • Issues surrounding repatriating, (reverse) culture shock
Guest posts guidelines:

Original content only. In other words, your post must not have been published elsewhere.

Length. Posts must be at least 250 words long and no more than 3,000 words long. Essentially, as long as it takes you to tell your story or make your point.

Editing. I don’t expect perfect English for submissions and may edit posts before publishing them. I only require that what you write makes sense, and is something that would interest readers of Xiananigans.

Style. I’m open to interviews, personal essays, anecdotes, commentary, letters, photo essays, dialogues, conversations and the like.

Images. I accept photos/graphics/images you own the rights to along with your submissions.

Byline. If I publish your story, I will credit you with a byline: a one-line bio and links to website(s) and/or social media account(s) of your choice. Please provide me with your preferred byline and link(s) when you submit. Also if you don’t have a link (or links) or want any links in your byline, that’s fine. (If you don’t know what a byline is, here’s an example: Marissa Kluger muses on life at Xiananigans and resides in New Jersey.)

Pitches. If you’re not sure your guest post fits within the scope of Xiananigans, you’re welcome to pitch me your ideas ahead of time before writing.

Response. Please wait about one week before contacting me about your submission as I’m still transitioning from my life abroad.

Disclaimer. I reserve the right to refuse submissions for any reason.

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Submit by Form: 

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