AMWF Link Love

Sharing links across the blogosphere, mostly encompassing the AMWF community, with a few exceptions for posts covering China, travel, and repatriating.

What’s life like when centered around food in Shanghai? Reverse Retrograde‘s photo essay peers into a day in the life as far as three square meals a day is concerned. Looks a lot like how I fed myself whilst in Xi’an, sans the homemade wine.

Author, Shenzhen expat Ray Hecht published a piece on the Wall Street Journal’s Expat Blog about that time his father visited him in the metropolis. He poignantly describes the roles reversing as he cares for his father in a very foreign land, an example of culture shock at its finest.

Hecht also interviewed Timo of Crazy Chinese Family. Don’t miss the Mother-in-law related questions and answers!

Yes, grocery shopping in Xi’an held similar sentiments for me as it does for Cat of Putong Press, who resides in Beijing. Her latest post conveyed well the bingo-like nature of battling the shelves at the supermarket.

My Hong Kong Husband published a second guest post from her husband. He discloses what it’s like being married into a Polish family. Thanks Lina for inspiring me to, hopefully, coerce hubby to do the same 😄

Four-year China expat woshoudebuhao chronicles life after giving birth in China.

Marta lives in China walks you through Fujian’s earth buildings, better known as 土楼,tulou.

Struggling to find that perfect gift for the most well-read individual gracing you and your existence? Look no further than Speaking of China’s book recommendations. I’m sure that individual isn’t up-to-date on the goings on of the AMWF literary scene. It’s never too late to help inform them! 😊

Linda Goes East, lives in Korea with her fiancé, but still provides snippets of her life in China. Her most recent post takes you inside the national museum of tea in Hangzhou, leaving you hankering for a cup of green tea.

Chinese postpartum traditions, called “坐月子,” or my university students referred to the ritual as “sitting the month,” is not something mothers in the West hold to high esteem. Sara from Living a Dream in China writes of how she has not really embraced it, but how she broaches the subject with Chinese strangers.

Author of Tiger Tail Soup (on my to-read list) Nicki Chen featured writer  Evelyne Holingue showcasing six novels set in foreign lands. Stay to read more on the stories behind the story, including her own AMWF marriage. Chen composes insightful, and often awe-inspiring posts…the kind of blogging I aspire to create!

Curious as to why AMWF couples are rare and western men/asian female pairings do not experience that same rarity? Check out Wang Jia’s TEDx talk entitled “Western Women, Eastern Men” below. Stop by his blog for insightful commentary expanding upon the talk’s findings and thesis.

Finally, in need of a Chinese language learning resource, sans the crutch of pinyin, and well-suited for those of us who spend countless hours scouring social media? All about Chinese shares quotes, proverbs, and phrases on Instagram, FB, and Twitter by way of Tumblr.

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