Review: Chengdu 23, Shanghai Noodle House, Xi’an Famous Foods

I am a 吃货, foodie. There, I said, it, in writing no less. The Chinese phrase suggests though, jokingly, that I may not be good at much else beyond eating. Life here as much as it did in Xi’an, revolves around food. A discussion ensues in person, via text or phone about who will make dinner, and what will be served. When ZJ and I lived in our second story walk-up in the first of two buildings designated for foreign teachers, every meal we ate together, be it lunch or dinner, took hemming and hawing to decide. We mostly ate out so it took deciding whether we wanted to trek downtown, treat ourselves to expensive mediocre “Western” cuisine, or grab a quick and inexpensive bite from the street vendors on 师大路。I blogged about some of our local Xi’an haunts, not really reviewing said establishments.

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