Blogs I Like

They are in no particular order or categories, but the explanations should indicate the type or treatment the blog covers. Check out what they’re up to and feel free to let them know you found them through me 🙂

Speaking of China – Jocelyn writes about love, family and relationships in China and AMWF love. I’d hail her as a pioneer of the AMWF blog and she is an all encompassing resource for cross-cultural relationships, advice, and organizing blog tours.

ZJ’s blog – My husband’s blog where he’s covered his take on the DCF and immigration process.

My Hong Kong Husband – Life of Lina and Hong Konger, a frequent visitor on this blog. She shares MIL stories that will have you laughing out loud publicly with onlookers glaring at you (I speak from experience).

Diaries of a Yangxifu – A British woman who followed her love for her husband and travel to China in April.

Susan Blumberg-Kason – A Jewish-American woman writer who once married a Chinese man, and still has a connection through her children.

Linda Living in China – A white German woman living in Korea with her Korean finance. She covers AMWF, living and working abroad, particularly Korea and China.

Marta lives in China – A western woman living in Suzhou, China and dating a local.

A Broad Abroad – JQ has an incredible snarky sense of humor and is an American woman living in Qingdao with her Chinese husband, newborn, and toddler.

万水千山 – An American journalist based in Hong Kong writes about China and more.

East West Notes – East West Notes offers advice and book recommendations for Chinese students and young workers living abroad in the Anglosphere.

Wise Monkeys Abroad – A couple who writes about “the world as [their] playground.”

Ray H to the C – China-based writings of an American guy, peppered with his dating experiences in the Middle Kingdom.

I Thought You Were Chinese – The adventures of a Canadian-born Chinese covering culture, relationships, and personal development from Shanghai.

Adventures Around Asia– A young American woman about to attend grad school in Ningbo who also writes about her prior travel adventures around Asia.

Laowhynot – This blog captures the fine line between love and hate many experience with China.

Ashley Abroad – An American woman living in Taiwan with her Taiwanese husband.

Sara Jaaksola – A newlywed living a dream in Guangzhou, China.

Candle for Love (US Immigration help) – Helping your Chinese loved ones immigrate to the US and an invaluable resource I used for the DCF process.

Asian Angry Man – “This is a blog about Asian America.”

China Elevator Stories – An Austrian woman with a Chinese husband, who shares snippets of daily conversations with locals in Shenzhen on her blog.

AMWF Couple – Life as an Asian Male/White Female Couple in the UK.

Michelle Guo – A Chinese-American girl who married a Chinese national and now lives in the States.

How I Became Texan – Grace writes and draws comics about her life in Tokyo as a newlywed.

My Crazy Chinese Family – A Western man married to a Chinese woman writes about the experience of being a foreigner in a Chinese family.

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