Here you’ll find a collection of articles, guest blogging, and stories published elsewhere.


“Residents Express Concern Over Senior-Friendly Designation During Montclair Council Conference Meeting”

“Montclair Council: Yogi Berra Honored, Firefighters Promoted, Invasive Light Ordinance Passes”

“Mayor Jackson Sounds Off on Parking Meter Concerns During Montclair Council Conference Meeting”

“Montclair Planning Board Introduces Ordinance to Amend Master Plan, Discusses Rezoning of Glenridge Ave.”

“Residents Sound Off on Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment to Montclair Planning Board”

“Montclair Council Gives Asst. Principal Major Jennings Standing Ovation and Proclamation”

“Montclair Residents Gather to Give Input into Seymour St. Redevelopment Area”

“Montclair Council Ponders Invasive Lighting Ordinance”

“Montclair Township Council Explores Supermarket Shuttle, Police Hiring, Park Cameras”

“Residents Voice Concern Over New Construction Proposals to Montclair Planning Board”

“Falling in love with my Chinese husband” China Daily

“Residents Attend Montclair Council Conference Meeting Over Lackawanna Supermarket Closure”

“Residents Admonish Montclair Planning Board Over Redevelopment Concerns”

“Montclair Planning Board Approves Expansion of Fin Restaurant and James St. Subdivision”

“Montclair Township Council Takes Firm Stance on Park Security and Cleanliness”

“Montclair Township Council Approves $2.6 Million in School Buildings and Grounds Improvements”

“Montclair Planning Board Hears Public Opinion of Phase II Redevelopment Plan, Senior Center, Affordable Housing”

“Things I’ve Learned After Moving From China to America with My Chinese Husband” Speaking of China

“Montclair’s Fin Restaurant Seeks Expansion Approval from Planning Board”

“Montclair Animal Welfare Advisory Committee Thanks Township Council for Shelter Improvements”

“Montclair Center Gateway Phase 2 Redevelopment Plan Reviewed; Affordable Housing Discussed”

“Montclair Township Council Approves $105 Million School Budget”

“Montclair Township Council Unanimously Passes 2015 Budget” 

“Montclair Animal Shelter Earns Praise for Improvements” 

“17 Montclair Teachers Receive Judy and Josh Weston Awards” 

“Montclair Township Council Hears Residents’ Concerns Over Parking and Education”

“New Bd of Ed Leadership and Dress Code, Primary Focus of Meeting”

“Energy Aggregation, Bloomfield Avenue Study Discussed at Council Conference Meeting”

“Larson, Lombard and Student Artistic Achievements Highlighted at Montclair Board of Education Meeting”

“Students and Staff Recognized for Accomplishments During Montclair Bd. of Ed. Meeting”

“Bolandi Cites Progress as Board of School Estimate Adopts ’15-’16 Budget”

“Stakeholders Continue to Rally at BoSE Meeting to Keep Montclair Schools Staff”

“Montclair Board of Education Approves 2015-’16 Budget”

“Protesters Voice Concerns Over Budget Cuts in Montclair Schools”

“4.15% Tax Levy Increase and Staff Cuts Proposed for ’15-’16 Montclair School Budget”

“Montclair Residents React to Board of Education Budget Presentation and Superintendent Resignation”

“Montclair Board of Education Cites $10.9 Million Budget Deficit for ’15-’16”

“Montclair Board of Education Passes PARCC Opt-Out Policy”

“Stakeholders collaborate to address challenges facing special education in Montclair schools”

“Things to consider before you renovate” Suburban Trends

“Easy ways to make a room look better” Suburban Trends


“What It’s Like to Meet Your Chinese Family” My New Chinese Wife

“Life in Transition” Xianease

“AMWF Problems: Moving back Home with your Chinese Spouse” Linda Living in China

“My big fat Chinese countryside wedding” Xianease

“Double Happiness: How An American Woman Fell In Love With Xi’an (And One Special Guy)” Speaking of China

“Seasonal work starts now along Route 23B” Suburban Trends

“Decorating safely” Suburban Trends

“Looking at local tree farms” Suburban Trends

“Last-minute gift ideas” Suburban Trends Wednesday, December 24, 2014 Page A7


Copyeditor, Xianease magazine Volumes 38-48


“Daniel of ‘Tosh.0’: don’t take me too seriously” The Quindecim Volume 97, Issue 5

“Winter break excursions: Museum of Modern Art” The Quindecim Volume 97, Issue 5

“Students run auction for Haiti relief effort” The Quindecim Volume 97, Issue 5


Associate & Arts Editor for The Quindecim Volume 97 Issues 1 to 7

Scan 3      Scan 5Scan 4Scan 6

ScanScan 1 Scan 7 Scan 8

Scan 12 Scan 13Scan 14Scan 15


Associate & Features Editor The Quindecim Volume 96 Issues 7 and 8

Scan 26 Scan 27Scan 28 Scan 29

Scan 31Scan 16 Scan 17

Scan 18 Scan 19Scan 20

Scan 21Scan 22Scan 25 Scan 24

“An Update on Last Semester’s Housing Crisis” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 7

“StepAfrika! celebrates Black History Month with Goucher”  The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 8

“Reading for pleasure” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 8

“Review: Where the Wild Things Are” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 2

“Goucher’s dining halls clogged” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 2

“Update: financial crisis still affecting Goucher, burden worsens for students” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 3

“Say Anything rocks out at the Recher” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 3

“Maryland board votes to cut key college funds” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 4

“Ambiguous Bodies exhibit in Silber Gallery” The Quindecim Volume 97 Issue 4


“American Teen”, an Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. publication

“The Mars Volta” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 2

“Goucher goes (more) global” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 2

“Innovation Grant program translates ideas into reality” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 3

“Goucher’s growing pains” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 3

“’Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ a charming love story” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 3

“Goucher welcomes Kenyan ensemble” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 4

“Goucher purchases renewable energy to match consumption” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 4

“The financial crisis hits Goucher” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 5

“Smashing Pumpkins promote new release with comedy” The Quindecim Volume 96 Issue 5

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