Broadcasting from Bismarck

I’ve been remiss in updating you all from our new home here in Bismarck. Surprise!

(Try and subdue any North Dakota-related snarky comments…please and thank you!)

And by home, I mean, apartment.

Location of said apartment isn’t ideal for either of us, work wise. ZJ works mornings, and I work evenings. The upside: we both are off on weekends. That’s when we get our shopping, exploring, and dining out done. We’ve frequented nearly every thrift, furniture, grocer, and home goods store Bismarck has to offer. Craigslist is under utilized out here, so I’ve turned my attention to Bismanonline and Facebook groups where people post items to sell, buy, or trade. We’ve had some luck, and in other instances, due to my own negligence, did not.

New job is good. I am one of four copy editors in the newsroom. Usually two or three of us are scheduled an evening. The days rotate; I worked one weekend but as the newbie on the copy desk, I’ve lucked out with weekends off. It won’t always work this way. The editor switches the schedules every three weeks or so. One copy editor is part time; she’s a college student. I get on with her, and she’ll be interviewing ZJ and I for an intercultural communication project. (I was assigned a similar interaction project in Goucher’s IC class, and subsequently, inspired by Professor Burton’s ways, I required my IC XISU students to submit.)

It’s very focused on design, and laying out pages of the paper. This will change though as the paper moves to a new design center and most, if not all, the pages will have design templates we, the copy editors, will need to follow. This requires a whole lot of on-the-job training as it’s not something I’ve done much of since college. Coworkers are very nice, resourceful, as is my boss. I need to bug people more for help with getting situated.

I’m slowly uncovering what it means to be an “adult.” Can’t wait to work on my taxes!

I do have a non-work related resource, thanks to a friend who put me in touch with her aunt. I also need to reach out to that individual, too. ZJ and I met her, her husband, and son for sushi last week. Turns out, there are decent places to dine out here. Is it Michelin star worthy food? No, but it will suffice.

ZJ is doing well. He transferred to a Starbucks out here. He says his coworkers are also nice, and customers are much nicer. Several cohorts gave him treats on Valentine’s Day. Guess who got to devour those lollipops? 😄

We had a very low-key holiday, staying in, watching a movie, and enjoying ZJ’s gourmet cooking.

Our upstairs neighbors let us go in on their wifi, and we’ll pay them for half the bill for that privilege. We will take them up on their dinner offer, most likely this weekend. A few weeks back, before work began, ZJ and I went to a Meetup brunch. It’s an app where clubs are created around common interests, an activity or event is organized, and then you “meetup” at the designated time and place. It didn’t really pan out into much as we haven’t been able to attend any more meetups. We’ll give it another go when events better fit into our opposing schedules.

Signed a six month lease for the apartment. Might move to something a little less expensive but we’ll see. Furniture slowly trickles in, but most of our attention has been spent on getting cookware, groceries, and other kitchen-related needs. Overall, thus far, I think it was a good move.

There will be more to say once we are better, or more permanently, situated.

What are you interested in hearing about as it relates to relocating and North Dakota? 

8 thoughts on “Broadcasting from Bismarck

  1. Jocelyn Eikenburg says:

    Nice to see your update! It sounds like you guys are settling in well in ND, which is fantastic. That’s terrific someone will be interviewing you guys for the paper!

    My godmother used to live somewhere in the north of the state. Her husband had some land there. Now she’s back in Alaska. But she always had nice things to say about ND. I understand the economy has been pretty strong there.

  2. Laura Demsey says:

    Awesome, so glad you guys are getting settled in! As someone who’s lived in a few different areas of the country and likes to compare and contrast them, I’d be interested in hearing a little bit of what you like most/least about the culture out there (people’s personalities, food, things to do), how it’s different from the east coast, and what is surprising you the most about North Dakota. I know very little about that area of the country and would love to hear more! 🙂

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