Why We Should Lament ABC’s Selfie

ABC did not cancel AMWF comedy Selfie, as reported, but will not renew Selfie after its initial 13-episode order.

Jocelyn did a great write-up with five reasons to watch Selfie, and with Selfie only surviving for another seven episodes, here’s why we should continue to tune in, lamenting its demise.

An AMWF lead and not one, but two interracial couples! 

The leads, Eliza and Henry, portrayed by Karen Gillan and John Cho respectively, have begun falling for each other, especially after some meddling and prodding by their boss.

Their boss’ wife happens to be white, and the boss’ daughter marries a white man in the first episode.

Although there still isn’t loads going on romantically between Eliza and Henry, it’s beginning to heat up, and this week’s episode will spotlight a budding fixation between both characters.

On a very different note, Selfie highlights what happens when millennials do not put down the technology, obsessing over likes and followers on Instagram, and even competing with those closest to us over such shallow pursuits. Cho’s character, not of the same generation as Gillan’s character, exposes Eliza to a world beyond the screen. Without giving away too much, (as you should watch while you still can!), Henry also learns a lesson or two from her.

I continue to tolerate Selfie because I like seeing an AMWF couple in the spotlight, but I have used the word tolerate as I’m not particularly fond of Gillan’s character, particularly the millennial stereotyping or the fact that she needs Henry to achieve a sense of normalcy. 

It’s not all that funny or exciting, however, primetime TV needs more AMWF, intercultural, and interracial couples. It’s a shame TV is all about ratings. 

Watch Selfie on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern/ 7p.m. Central on ABC. It’s also available to stream online at ABC and Hulu.

11 thoughts on “Why We Should Lament ABC’s Selfie

  1. Constance - Foreign Sanctuary says:

    I remember Jocelyn mentioning the show on her blog but I haven’t been able to locate a place to watch it on the internet yet as you need to be in the states to watch the online version on ABC. It’s too bad because it definitely highlights some major points about technology and social media.

  2. Susan Blumberg-Kason says:

    JT Tran posted a Change.org petition that someone started to keep Selfie on the air for another season. It’s called “Save Selfie” and already has 6000+ supporters in three days. I tried posting the link but my phone won’t cooperate. Sigh.

  3. Ri says:

    I agree with you on finding Eliza a little bit hard to swallow. Or rather… I find her an easy character to dislike, but I’m not warming to her. Usually the “bad” one has some sort of charm, or has mostly easily forgivable hang-ups, but she’s…a test. ^^; She does seem to be making progress though, and I was looking forward to seeing that as she and Henry got closer. I guess she’ll just end up being stuck as that annoying girl in my mind now. :/ (Also, what’s with ABC cancelling so many goodーat the very least decentーshows this season? I was enjoying Manhattan Love Story, too. It wasn’t the most amazing drama of the year, but it was cute and quirky, and I liked it. :/

    • maklu001 says:

      Yes, exactly, she’s an easy character to dislike, and I keep watching because of the AMWF-ness and hoping they’ll fall madly, deeply in love, regardless of disliking Eliza. American broadcasters are notorious for canceling cute, quirky telly!

      • Ri says:

        Haha, ditto!
        Also, after looking into the actress Karen Gillan a bit more, I’ve found that I actually really like herーI guess it says a lot about her acting skills to be able to portray a character like Eliza’s so convincingly. ^^

      • CrazyChineseFamily says:

        I usually spent rather much time watching tv shows but since August I had too many other things on my mind. However now i will be sure to catch up with all the great tv series available as everything turned out great now in Germany (I make sure about writing an article about it;))

  4. Jocelyn Eikenburg (@jossailin) says:

    I’m so glad you posted this and I’m sorry to be so late to this discussion — one close to my heart! I so wish Selfie wasn’t cancelled. It’s a huge blow. I read another article about it that this might even make Hollywood producers just say “to heck with leading Asian men” and perhaps we’ll have to wait another 20 years for something like this.


    That said, I definitely agree w/ you on Gillan’s character. They could have made her more likable. But it didn’t keep me from tuning in.

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