Our pre-wedding photo pub’d on WWAM Bam

Jocelyn of Speaking of China put together a rather exquisite post of Photos of WWAM couples who got married. It’s amazing how many Western women marry Asian men and you’ll surely find some new ladies captured in marital bliss in the article.

Most are pre-wedding photos, a popular tradition in Asia where couples go to photo studios, dress up in formal attire so pictures of the bride and grrom can then be displayed at the wedding ceremony. Read all about our low-key pre-wedding photo shoot.

If you check out Jocelyn’s article, try to avoid self-promoting your photography business as that completely misses the point of the post…I’ll let you decipher that message all on your own 😄

2 thoughts on “Our pre-wedding photo pub’d on WWAM Bam

  1. Jocelyn - Speaking of China says:

    Thanks for mentioning the post! You too looked fantastic in red. I’ll still never forget your gorgeous red wedding gown for your ceremony.

    • maklu001 says:

      If you do another series, I’d be glad to contribute a wedding ceremony photo. I’m sorry to say I’m a bit behind on sending those drafts to you. Getting a bit overwhelmed in these final weeks before the baby arrives…

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