Breaking the blog silence

Xiananigans will resume weekly posts Sunday.

I could use the age-old excuse of being “too busy” to write, but that’s not really the case. Lacking self-discipline to carve out time for writing each day and not holding myself accountable because “hey, I’m pregnant” sounds like a legitimate excuse to that pesky, inner critic are the main factors holding me back.

Also, placing blame on burnout from work where eight hours of my day is spent in front of a screen, either reading, editing and proofing copy, sounds good to me.

However, in the earlier hours of my day, I’m not stepping away from the screen, instead indulging in Netflix, an occasional podcast and catching up on conversations in various WeChat groups.

Putting creative endeavors on the back burner won’t work any longer, I’m afraid. When Baby Z arrives in about two months, give or take a week or two, beginning a writing routine will pose a greater challenge.

There’s so many ideas, too many in fact, I have for this space (there are 30 drafts in various stages of despair). I’ll also resume accepting guest posts. Do you have a blog of your own? I’d be much obliged to guest post there, too.

Here’s to breaking the blog silence, resuming an outlet and reconnecting with a thriving, growing niche blogging community.

And while you eagerly await Sunday, go check out other blogs by Western Women Who Love Chinese Men, including the collective offerings on WWAM Bam!

A rather timely post, given the headlines as of late, is Jocelyn’s recent article on her blog Speaking of China. Talk about outrageous double standards and a foreboding sense that history really is repeating itself…


5 thoughts on “Breaking the blog silence

  1. Carissa Hickling says:

    Good luck! I’ve found it challenging to get back into the blogging habit with “Everyday Asia” despite having oodles I’d like to share and scads of draft posts lingering… Whereas I have kept up the discipline with “Whisky Lady” as most content comes from tasting sessions… so it is easy to write, plus can have lots written in advance for the manic work periods where I barely sleep let alone write!

    Looking forward to Sunday and forgive yourself if it doesn’t happen weekly every week. 🙂

    • maklu001 says:

      Yes, our challenge is one in the same and I’m getting better about not being too hard on myself. Some days it’s enough that I can manage to stay awake and baby hasn’t even arrived yet!

      • Carissa Hickling says:

        All the best with that! I find the energy and time to write comes in fits and spurts and loooooong extended periods of distraction with other things. And I don’t have a little one (to be) as an excuse! 🙂

  2. Jocelyn - Speaking of China says:

    Glad to see you’re posting again! Marissa, you’re doing far better than I ever did when I moved back to the States. I quit blogging for several years b/c I let my blog fall into neglect. Just know you’re not the only one who struggles.

    I’d be happy to write a guest post for you. Let me know!

    • maklu001 says:

      Thanks, Jocelyn. I’ll definitely take you up on the guest post offer 🙂 Look for an email from me by the end of the week and Congrats on the good news you recently posted on Speaking of China.

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