Finding me elsewhere on the web


WeChat is a goldmine for finding like-minded people half a world away. In my case, this means women also married to Chinese men (dating or interested in, too).

Although I’ve mainly lurked, I mean, observed in these groups, occasionally offering my take on a topic I can manage to enlighten other AMWF ladies on, such as Direct Consular Filing process and Green Card paperwork to remove conditions on a CR-1 spouse visa. Beyond that, I’m feeling pretty removed from life in China living in a place devoid of any Chinese characteristics (we don’t even reside within several hundred miles of a Chinatown).

However, the ladies chat about all things AMWF couples, families may encounter, regardless of the place they call home.

Enter an entrepreneurial spirit to connect even more through sharing their stories on a platform other than WeChat and that’s how Western Women & Asian Men, Breaking All Molds was conceived.

Yours truly will be contributing to WWAM Bam! I intend to cover comparisons of living in China, the U.S. as an AMWF couple and co-write a post about childbirth experiences in the U.S., China.

WWAM Bam! covers more than just personal experiences of AMWF couples and families:

Aside from gripping personal experiences of relationships with Asian men and their families, and of raising AMWF children, this site takes a look at the portrayal of Asian men in Western media and reviews AMWF related productions. We furthermore will spotlight the amazing women out there who have made Asia their family; past and present.

The blog’s founding members consists of ladies I’ve likely mentioned on Xiananigans on the Prairie: Susan Blumberg-Kason (author of Good Chinese Wife),  Laura of Our Chinese Wedding, Becky of, Ruth of China Elevator Stories, Kimberly of Nama Mama, and Susie of the Daily Susily.

As I’m unfamiliar with my readership on here, if you are a Western women who loves Asian men and writing, you could contribute regularly or as a one-time guest poster. If you’d like to be a part of the WWAM Bam! blog, email them at

Happy 2017!

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