Tired of not being able to chill out, relax, go with the flow, whatever your word choice may be.

Tired of being housebound because of weather, lack of locales, hobbies and a general loss of interest in many things.

Tired of the need to use explainers whenever I have a conversation about Xi’an and even China in general.

Tired of not feeling appreciated, valued, or knowledgable.

Tired of all the insensitivity.

Tired of taking it all to heart, instead of brushing it off.

Tired of always coming up with the right words to say after the fact.

Tired of undignified nosiness.

Tired of never finishing books, blog posts, resolutions, exercise programs I start.

All these things I’m tired of are amplified by being pregnant so please excuse this post.

I’ll be resuming the Sunday posting schedule and thanks to working on New Year’s Day, I have three days off to get the schedule on track.

Are there any specific topics you’d like to see me cover beyond what I outlined in my previous post? 



7 thoughts on “

  1. autumnashbough says:

    Huh, if you are tired of your current locality, I guess I won’t ask you to blog about it. I can see it on Instagram. Also wondering how your husband is doing in the middle of a red state.

    • maklu001 says:

      You won’t see much more of it on Instagram. My husband is doing incredibly well actually. He knows how to get on with people from all walks of life. I could really take a page or two out of his playbook

  2. Carissa Hickling says:

    I can’t even imagine being stuck in a prairie winter any more?! And even more so an American one with the current political climate. At least Canada has Justin. 🙂 Can only hope something changes to help regain the energy, zest for life, finding amusement and quality like-minded connections. A place to me is always more about the people and community you build – possible even in the most unlikely of locales! Best wishes.

    • maklu001 says:

      Thanks Carissa! It’s not so much the cold or the snow, but as you said the political climate and coldness of people. Luckily, we’ve found a few gems who we can commiserate with and you’re right, we just need to “build our tribe.” I’m just impatient 😄

  3. Jocelyn - Speaking of China says:

    Sending you hugs — it has to be so challenging where you guys live, and definitely in the middle of the winter.

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