Making Moves

The moves I refer to, in essence, amount to one, large scale career-altering, zip code-tweaking move.

I accepted a copy editing position at The Bismarck Tribune. It’s the Lee Enterprise paper covering North Dakota’s capital and the surrounding areas. The fruits of the 2015 New Year’s resolution ripening!

A cross country road trip spanning a week, stopping in Chicago to see Good Chinese Wife author Susan-Blumberg Kason, and starting work on Jan. 25 means we have a growing list of before-we-move to-dos.

The Tribune newsroom has helped, offering names of realtors and preparing to answer the onslaught of questions that will soon arise.

We leave behind 50 to 60 degree weather. North Dakota winters will not be much different from what confronted us in Xi’an. Heck, winters in ZJ’s hometown are most brutal, sans indoor heating.

I’ve been asked, “Why Bismarck?”

Why not? The great outdoors at our fingertips, pristine national parks, the Missouri River running through town, a clean slate, a place to call our own, new writing inspiration and a slower pace of living, an assumption, of course.

Adventure also awaits us on the 1600 plus mile car trip in our compact Focus-that-could, where we will store the four suitcases, and then some, of belongings accumulated in four years in Xi’an and a year and a half here in New Jersey.

The meticulous list-making is well underway, and tomorrow I’ll connect with realtors, now that some of the holidays are out of the way.

Stressed – the obvious choice of feeling for such a daunting move – is not really on my radar. I’m relieved and elated, twinged slightly by nerves we all get when it comes to relocating.

Although there’s still details to be worked out, hence the nerves, I’m more than ecstatic to start a new chapter: work, location, and home* wise.

There will be more to say as packing, apartment hunting, and the remaining details unfold.

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* I buy into natural philospher Pliny the Elder’s “home is where the heart is” proverb.

9 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. Susan Blumberg-Kason says:

    I’m so excited for you and ZJ and can’t wait to see you in Chicago! I totally didn’t put Xian into the equation. Bismarck will be positively balmy for you in the winter with indoor heat everywhere. I’m not sure how you managed without all those years!

  2. CrazyChineseFamily says:

    Congratulations on the new opportunity. Such big moves always are some challenge when trying to get everything to the new location 🙂
    I always always wonder about the lack of insulation and heating in China. I mean my in-laws got also now gas heating in their old home in xi’an however that is in my opinion a very costly and fruitless effort to battle the cold without any insulation at all there…
    With proper buildings it is not even a problem to get through the coldest winters, at least this experience I made in Finland where even our log cottage stays nicely warm 🙂

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I grew up in North Dakota! I was raised in Grand Forks, the other side of the state, but I spent a year in Bismarck when I was a medical student. I loved the area. Much prettier than the East side of the state. Cold, no doubt, but beautiful summers. And very nice people too. Best of luck to you! (And thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 )

    • maklu001 says:

      Thank you, Carrie! Nice to virtually meet someone who grew up in ND, and loved it. I’m looking forward to those beautiful summers and nice people 🙂 Thanks for reading Xiananigans!

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