American Chinese Thanksgiving – 感恩节(gǎn’ēnjié)

Sandwiched Thanksgiving posts, and this one [from the archives] reveals a little about the home-cooked Thanksgiving meal in Xi’an with that may-he-live-in-infamy purple turkey. I need to find a photo glorifying the little-oven-that-could! 😄

Xiananigans on the Prairie

On Sunday, Linda and I hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner. We began our cooking on Saturday, completing almost all our dishes with the exception of the turkey. Most of our ingredients were purchased from Metro (a German supermarket), Hole-in-the-wall (Sara and I went there, it’s name was coined by previous teachers because of its location) or some things Linda was able to procure in Shanghai. There were four other guests: Sara, Jason, Hui Li, and Daphney. I hadn’t seen Daphney in awhile so it was quite nice. I would definitely consider the evening a success. 

Saturday Prep
Cranberry Sauce 
Our turkey in its frozen form.   


Not much I can say here except that this was one of the nastier things I have had to partake in. 
About to be cooked! 
Finally cooked. 
A proper table setting. 
Sara’s vegetable soup. 
Our meal: Sausage, Leek and Currant Stuffing,

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