Snapshot Sundays 

This week’s sunday post is the obligatory Thanksgiving post.

Thanksgiving 2010 friends and I did the nearby Village Cafe turkey dinner, much like in 2012 (pictures two and three).

The image below is 2011 where I hosted Turkey Day at my apartment, with much guidance, support,, and cooking expertise of my friend Linda. She taught German for a year at XISU, and I met her through another German teacher, Tine, who I gladly call a friend. I even lucked out with a visit from Tine, two years ago, while she taught for a year in the States. We trekked through New York City, both as tourists.

Anyway, Thanksgiving at the apartment proved rather interesting with our purple turkey. Purchased at Metro, a German-owned market offering mostly imported/foreign goods, the turkey did cook, but not particularly well in the convection-style second-more-like-fourth-hand oven bequeathed to me. Still unsure whether the turkey was domestic or imported but either way it didn’t bode well as ZJ’s first foray into consuming turkey. He eats turkey as a lunch meat on his sandwich several times a week, having done so for the last year, combining it with other lunch meats. I’d guess the lack of a purplish hue makes turkey on Thanksgiving, or any day of the year, all the more easier.


Thanksgiving 2012 Village Cafe, Xi’an 感恩节2012,乡村咖啡,西安


Thanksgiving 2014, New Jersey 感恩节 2014, 新泽西


Can’t wait to share this year’s photos after Thursday…ZJ’s hair is growing out 😄

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