Random Observations

Chowing down on a bowl of noodles or dumplings isn’t enough for dinner in the US.

Dinner is a larger meal than lunch.

Rice, noodles, and carbs are the enemy.

Coffee is a lifeline, and don’t come between people and their coffee.

Lacing conversation with sarcasm in a retail environment will backfire.

Pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly suburbia doesn’t exist, at least in New Jersey.

Complaining for the mere sake of complaining, myself included!

We’re not all here to take advantage of situations.

Assuming the positive intent of others works (although “I not happy” admitting this).

Face masks are worn by those with compromised immune systems, not to combat pollution.

TV commercials are really weird, cheesy, or rolling-the-eyeballs worthy.

There’s lots of China in China, or so says my husband.

ZJ does see things a little too clearly with his glasses.

Fall foliage makes Northern New Jersey beautiful.

I do miss public transportation, big bowls of noodles with raw garlic, eating street food, visits to my in-laws, and oddly enough, imparting news writing, new media, and intercultural communication knowledge upon my students.

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