Words as Weapons

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!

I don’t know who we have to throw sticks and stone at, oops, I mean, thank, for uttering that awful phrase, but clearly it’s an individual who did not surmise, or imagine an age in which words would be brandished as weapons. Cyber bullying, social media as soapboxes, and heck, even personal blogs all across the Web, where words may be thrown-around daggers (yes, I’m looking at this woman in the mirror 😄).

Stumbling upon this post while scrolling through WordPress’s Reader, I felt compelled to reference the blog Haha China.

“Words can be weapons” resonated in a way I wish it hadn’t:

Your husband is attractive…for an Asian.

Why would you ever move to China?

You’re very conservative.

You’re husband is Chinese!?

Teach your husband some American manners.

You don’t know about China.

Don’t take this personally, but…

Who cares what people say?

Admit it, we all care, at least an iota, of what other people say. Kudos, and ten thousand brownie points to any out there who never, and I mean have never, been swept up in the utterances of those around us.

Because it’s always nice to end on a positive note, words can be brandished as weapons of good, slashing at evil’s core, slinking back into the darkness.

I chatted up a 20-something customer on Monday, giving a synopsis of my AMWF tale. She responded,

Omg, I’m so glad you shared. If that’s not a testament to the existence of romance and love, I don’t know what is.

See, if we all took away a little nugget of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People wisdom, by offering up genuine words of encouragement, support, and compliments, we could really brandish words as the heroes/heroines of interpersonal relationships. Dare I say we may even affect the horrifying violence we have subjected and molded, unfortunately exporting said violence to the rest of the world.

Share your thoughts on the power of words for good and/or evil. 

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