Music Mondays

Introducing three artists in the Chinese music scene, at least in some capacity

A genre-blender: The Shanghai Restoration Project 

Although primarily producing music on this side of the globe, Chinese American producer David Wen Wei Liang’s stylings often involve artists from overseas, including China, and much of his projects, the sounds involve traditional Chinese instruments: the guzheng, erhu, suona, as well as singing in English, Chinese, and even Japanese. An entire album features Chinese children’s songs. My personal favorite from Little Dragon Tales is Two Tigers (两只老虎). I connected with them on their FB page, was surprised, in a good way of course, when they replied to my inquiry. 😄

Indie electronica: 卡奇社, Kaqishe


The band raps and sings about “陕西美食,” Shaanxi foods photographed by the uploader of the Youtube video below. The one year I attended the Strawberry Music Festival in Xi’an, Heisa performed, rocking out at 大明宫, Daming Palace, the site of the former imperial palace. Xi’an served as the capital of 13 dynasties, including the Tang. Heisa references, on other tracks, the golden ages of Xi’an, Shaanxi women, and the trivial events happening in the life of Xi’an and its people.

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