Snapshot Sundays: Xi’an

Fall Xiananigans

No standard touristy photos of Xi’an posted on this snapshot sunday. This is a series I intend to continue even after NaNoBloPoMo ends.

The mystery woman in the photos is, yes you guessed it, yours truly. Although it’s me, it’s a different side of me…she’s 玛丽莎, Malisha. You may also refer to her as 张太太, Zhang tai tai, Ms. Zhang. ZJ captured this moment at 格林酒吧 Gelin Bar & Restaurant, before you could even really call me Wife Zhang. Eh, we’ll chalk that up as inconsequential, considering it’s part of this persona, enveloping me when communicating in Chinese.

Malisha liked, and to some extent, still likes to dress up. For any How I Met Your Mother fans, dressing up to Malisha is like suiting up to Barney Stinson, dashingly played by Neil Patrick Harris. The lenses-free glasses are an integral part of Malisha’s appearance. The ZARA high heel booties, a little too high and cumbersome for Marissa to wear, paired well with the pink and black houndstooth tailor-made jacket, and don’t forget the jean leggings, were all part of Malisha’s evening out getup. Malisha prided herself in parading around, perhaps not always in the latest fashions, hence the trips to ZARA or H&M to attempt to keep abreast of the latest trends. She then made do with what could be scrounged up from the overflowing armoire and closet in the one-bedroom apartment.

If you speak, study, or learn a second language, another persona should not come as a surprise to you. Well, maybe it does, but mull it over for a minute. Does your inflection change, decibel, intonation, or perhaps, regardless of the fact that your second language has different grammatical structures and word denotation/connotation, what you don’t choose to say carries some weight in terms of how others respond to you?

Let’s clear up this persona thing, though. It does not negatively impact, or change who you are at your core. It enhances your character, perhaps altering your worldview to a more inclusive, less isolationistic one. Gives you ample ways to solve problems, fix dilemmas, and understand the nuance of language. Your second persona instills the “words are weapons” notion, in hopes to guide you towards choosing your words not just more carefully, but thoughtfully.

Malisha does not detract from Marissa; she’s way more patient, mindful, caring, “conservative” (a relative’s words to describe her), and happy to admit, snarky. A borderline dangerous combination!?😄

Do you speak, study, or learn a second language? If so, would you agree a second persona exists? How does yours manifest itself? 

Fall Xiananigans

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10 thoughts on “Snapshot Sundays: Xi’an

  1. CrazyChineseFamily says:

    I can’t say whether I have another persona when I speak/ learn other languages. As most people in Europe I speak another language besides my mother tongue so I speak German, English and Finnish. Had several years of Latin classes in school, a couple of years with Russian and now it is five years of Chinese language frustration 🙂

    • maklu001 says:

      Hmm, perhaps speaking multiple languages may change the intensity of the persona. Since the only other language I really have any firm grasp of, and I say that very hesitantly, this may intensify that second persona.

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