Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

for Marissa’s friday stream of consciousness where I unload whatever I feel like. In the words of my husband:

Do what you like 😊

So, here I am, taking ZJ’s advice, and writing what I like.

I initially did not want to add frivolous banter to an already-absurd “controversy” making its rounds on social, and even catapulting over to mainstream media. The likes of Ellen Degeneres and College Humor even added their two cents into the mix. Those who started the Starbucks-declaring-war-on-Christmas franticness need to not get their panties in a bunch, and be a little more grateful that they can afford a $5 latte.

Getting off this high horse of mine…

And moving on. What’s the deal with rubbernecking? Driving home on the northbound side of Interstate 287 tonight, drivers craned their necks to check out stalled vehicles on the southbound side. Traffic crawled along, and a three-mile stretch, worth around ten minutes of time, totaled closer to 30 minutes. Yes, sounds a lot like first world problems, I know. I’m still capable of impatience, and no matter how long I spent living overseas, I would never be able to entirely shed that. Oh well, here’s to trying, and having already made ample gains in terms of remaining patient.

Speaking of patience, I would, however selfish it may be, recognize, with an award, of course, just how patient, and in a similar vein, resilient, I can be. Patience and resilient with the words people consciously chose to disclose to me, without even knowing the first thing about me. It might do jus all some good to remember the age-old adage:

Do not judge a book by its cover (because its interior jacket cover may just house all the juicy tidbits 😄!)

Last consciousness stream before I check out (until tomorrow where I investigate the sociological concept of cultural appropriation) is to apologize for posting this quite late, and for missing Wednesday. I’m racked with enough Jewish guilt for a lifetime as I’m really good at sweating the small stuff. NaNoBloPoMo will go on, hopefully without any more interruptions.

Marissa’s new mantra:

Keep calm AND blog on!

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