It’s a Quasi-Hard Knock Blogging Life

Autumn over at When West Dates East called me “Marissa the Prolific.” I’d humbly rephrase and say I’m a two-month-a-year blog challenge aficionado. I blog far too sporadically to accept such a compliment. I’ll also confess to gripping tightly to what remains of a modest mindset picked up while living in Xi’an. To what remains of being modest, at least in the dictionary sense of the word, still far surpasses those around me (I’m looking at you middle-aged man who shoves his apple watch in my face to pay for the cappuccino he said he “needs”). Oops, the previous statement likely subtracts modest-brownie points, leaving me with none 😭。

As far as the substance of what gets published here, I know it’s seriously lacking. Somehow, the quirky, awkward, sarcastic, downright weird in-person Marissa doesn’t aptly translate. It’s because Marissa, guilty of using third person, takes her coworker by the hand and begins slow dancing around their place of employment while a customer looks on, writes her Chinese name on her retail job’s name tag, and spouts one-liners originating from who knows where.

I mentioned before not having the confidence or safety net to lay it all bare on the blog, hence the reserved, dare I say, “conservative” approach (a relative’s single descriptive of me since repatriating) to blogging under my name. Every thought conveyed here, scribbled in the digital age’s answer to journaling, (so come one and all!) requires I own it, down to the last word. It’s risky then, at least for now, to reveal the last, gripping detail of life’s intricacies. Sad, I know, but reality. Is it too late to blog, on another platform, under a pseudonym?

I quietly visit and read other blogs, enjoying rounding up posts from AMWF bloggers a few months back. The blogosphere brims and buzzes with writers, authors, bloggers, and storytellers, all grabbing a reader, hook, line, and sinker. Not only do they write regularly, post after post oozes fresh, innovative, or head-nodding worthy content.

How do I translate, or better yet, balance quantity with quality?

So dear readers and fellow bloggers, I implore you to entertain me with how it’s done. Getting off my soapbox now…until tomorrow! 😄

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13 thoughts on “It’s a Quasi-Hard Knock Blogging Life

  1. Jocelyn - Speaking of China says:

    Here here, I second Autumn’s thoughts — would love some more of “Marissa the Sarcastic” indeed! 🙂

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