Stop Asking, Saying these Things About China

China is Communist, right? How was it? Don’t they eat dog, there? Did you eat dog? China’s pretty backwards isn’t it? Why doesn’t China work towards modernizing like Japan? Oh, wow, where did you live…Beijing or Shanghai? Oh, the stock market in China is really a mess as of late..what’s up with that?

Beautiful Chinese countryside, not Photoshopped, in case it needs to be said.

Beautiful Chinese countryside, not Photoshopped, in case it needs to be said. Credit: ZJ

Stop, just stop. Verbal diarrhea, or fine, inappropriateness, as perhaps referring to bowel movements is a bit harsh, does not fly. Do not expect me to follow up your inquiries simply by agreeing. China is a vast, complex enigma even I, long term expatriates, and so-called China experts have yet to fully understand. Do not attempt to mince these words, suggesting I state it’s a harmonious society, free of imperfections, as the Chinese government portrays. It is not homogenous, backwards, communist in the ways we have ignorantly been informed. Here’s some food for thought…is America as democratic, accepting, and free of bigotry and racism as we are led to believe?

This is an interconnected world. Look up communication theorist McLuhan’s global village. Ignorance is not bliss. Get informed. Condone what’s going on in your own backyard before postulating on problems in other places. READ, explore, even virtually, and get beyond the limiting information the press feeds you. We have the greatest privilege of access to a wealth of information, and yet, few seem interested in harnessing that freedom for good, mutual understanding, and communicating across cultures.

Let’s end this rant on a more high note. Despite all I wrote, I do meet people whose interest is piqued. A detective in a neighboring township insists I teach him a Chinese word on each visit. My name tag displayed 玛丽莎 for a few weeks, replaced a few days ago. A regular said he was sad to see it go, adding it looked pretty to him, even with no knowledge of its meaning.

Dismissing these comments, and moving on to bigger and better challenges proves the best way to combat this existential plague. Working on it…

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One thought on “Stop Asking, Saying these Things About China

  1. Lena says:

    Really like your blog here as well. It’s so true what you’re talking about. I actually just wrote something similar to this about me coming home experiencing stupid comments about China and Chinese people. Feel sad that it has to be like that but I hope we and other bloggers can stand together and try to show the world that it’s not all weird and crazy in China even if the media is good at painting this picture 🙂


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