Writers need pencils

Writers need pencils

As I do not have a business, day three’s post will pose the hypothetical.

I would like to be in the business of editing, writing, and publishing. Copywriting, polishing, proofreading also make the list of areas my business would cover.  I can not manage to come up with a quirky, eclectic name for an editing and a writing business, so I would go with my name.

Although I am married, my last name has not changed. Chinese women do not normally take their husband’s last name, and so it was not something I had to do when we signed our marriage papers in China. When I do eventually drop my maiden name or hyphenate, as I am still unsure which way I will go, it would most certainly be intertwined in the name of my business.

Or pens

Or pens

Since I seem to lack the creative posturing needed to complete today’s prompt, my final words will consist of an abbreviated brainstorming session of potential business names.

MKZ Communications

Marissa’s Writing/Editing Services

Marissa, Communications Specialist

Sadly, I am at a loss for other names, and in wanting to keep up with the challenge, I will revisit this post.

(Oh, and I have not divulged my last name(s) as I do not want to spoil a future article when I finally do take hubby’s surname.)

I leave you all hoping, mostly for giggles, I convinced you to provide business name ideas in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Business?

  1. Susan Blumberg-Kason says:

    Such an interesting topic! I like MKZ Communications the best of the three because it seems the most professional. That said, it’s still worth brainstorming. I worked with a communications company called Words and Pictures. I love that name. They provided both editing/writing and graphic design, so the name captured it all. My web designer’s company is called Sorella Design. Sorella means sister in Italian and she opened her company with her sister. So I think there are a lot of creative ways to find eye-catching names.

    As for your name, I can’t wait to see what you decide. I’m not sure I would have hyphenated if I had to do it again. Maybe more Hillary Rodham Clinton, without the hyphen. I do think it’s good to keep your maiden name so you have that connection to your past. But taking your husband’s name is convenient in the U.S. because people will call you that no matter what. Not using the hyphen gives you more flexibility to use both surnames or just one. Of course, I have the hyphen and it’s here to stay, so who am I to talk?

    • maklu001 says:

      I’m leaning more towards no hyphen and keeping my family name. I told ZJ it’s something I’d like to finally pursue this summer. As for a company name I’m always going to be brainstorming and would never feel as though I found the perfect solution (that’s the downfall of possessing indecision as an attribute)!

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