One month in

My husband and I have now made it past the one month mark of arriving/returning to the States. 

Things haven’t exactly panned out as predicted, but that’s life, or more aptly put 没办法。 

I’ve tried every attempt to get him situated: numerous calls to social security, immigration services, the national visa service center, and even visiting social security. 

We’ll visit the local social security office tomorrow and I intend to ensure we speak to someone who has dealt with immigration issues. We also have an appointment at the local USCIS field office in a week and a half (the earliest date available) regarding why, after a month, ZJ has yet to appear in the system and why I can’t get any information.  

It’s frustrating that I continue to get the runaround from every agency I talk to, in addition to spending most of a morning or afternoon on hold with one or more of said agencies. Bureaucratic BS really doesn’t change across borders. ZJ is eager to get started living, as in employment or find something more meaningful to fill his days. 

I’m still searching for employment and I’ve had a few leads, a meeting, an interview, with a potential project in the works and another meeting scheduled in two weeks. I’ve already succumbed to applying to retail for part-time work while I continue to adjust from a 8-16 hour China work week to what will likely be a 40+ one here. It doesn’t help that we’re located in a very competitive market, but I do think I’m not exuding the right amount of patience. 

In order to keep busy, besides looking for jobs (just me), we gym it up, visited a close friend of mine who recently moved to Jersey City, joined my parents and sister for a beach day, run errands, accompany my dad grocery shopping, day-tripped to New York City twice. ZJ does a fair amount of reading (he’s enjoying Big Fish, a David Wallace novel), perusing the local newspaper, and inspecting around the house outside.

Saturday, weather permitting, we’ll take on the great outdoors at a park, bring lunch, and end the evening going out to eat for a close friend’s birthday.

What milestones have you recently celebrated or passed?  

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