ZJ and I have been here in the US for just over a week and a half. Most of our time has been spent at home, grocery shopping, running errands here and there, unpacking as well as setting up our living space.

As I mentioned in this entry, we are now living in my parent’s house, with our own designated space (pictures coming soon!). We are still welcome to use the communal spaces for our own entertainment as well as the kitchen. We are expected to pick up after ourselves, clean our living, bedroom, and bathroom area once a week, and help out whenever possible.

We are also contributing a monthly monetary contribution towards groceries, utilities, and the like. We’ve joined the cell phone family plan and will contribute to our share. My dad, eligible for an upgrade, bought a Samsung Note 3, gave me his iPhone 5. ZJ currently uses a basic phone I used the last time I was home a year and a half ago. The Ford Focus, a car my parents first bought for me when I began driving at 17 and my sisters subsequently used, is now ZJ and I’s car. I managed to renew my license very easily as I have not yet changed my name to Mrs. Zhang (that’s another entry in itself!). We will also take care of the insurance on the car so I’m in the midst of getting my resume out there and hitting the ground running looking for jobs. I’m still uncertain about the procedure for ZJ to get his license as each state has its own regulations about non-residents obtaining licenses.

I still have to work on getting ZJ’s status taken care of so that he can receive his green card and start working. He thinks he may try to work for Starbucks as it gives us both good benefits. Health insurance, dental, vision, 401K, discounts at a multitude of companies and services to just name a few. As I updated on the blog’s About page, I’m looking for media-related jobs. I have a couple of leads I am pursuing but that’s all I have thus far. If you’re reading this and you accept guest posts, feel free to contact me. I’m also accepting guest posts!

Much like many new objects, foods, events, activities, and behaviors enticed me when I arrived in Xi’an four years ago, ZJ has been experiencing new sights, sounds, tastes, and smells. He’s had his first three trips to Costco, the Oakland farmer’s market, ShopRite, Willowbrook Mall, Garden State Plaza, Curly’s Ice Cream, a walk around Pines Lake where my elementary school quietly sits, and an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. He’s eaten his first fresh raspberries, hot dogs, grilled salmon, Jersey bagels, fresh blueberries, cold cuts amongst other delicacies that my parents and even youngest sister have cooked up.

We plan to venture to NYC tomorrow for the day as I’m having my haircut as part of a training workshop, meaning an inexpensive haircut that normally would cost hundreds at Frederic Fekkai. We’ll also be meeting up with a cousin of mine who works near the salon and he’s taking us out to lunch. My parents hosted a party on our behalf yesterday, but you can read all about that in an entry that will follow this update.

6 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. CrazyChineseFamily says:

    This is very interesting. How is he enjoying this new life, all the new surroundings etc?
    I am asking as I will move with my wife soon from Finland to Germany. This means she will leave behind basically all her friends and even has to learn the language…

    • maklu001 says:

      He’s enjoying it and doing his very best to take it all in. It’s a bit hard for right now because he doesn’t have a license or know anyone besides my family and friends. Once he’s able to work this issue will resolve itself. His English was already up to snuff before arriving and he has always had just a few friends he left behind in China.

      • CrazyChineseFamily says:

        Thats good to hear. The main problem in Germany is basically that many people do not speak English. So my wife who speaks Mandarin, English and Finnish needs to learn yet another language.
        All the best for you two 🙂

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