A series of things: part three

This is the third part of a series. Read through part one and part two.
Things I will miss: 
The inexpensiveness of dining out
Using public transport
Walking everywhere
Successfully navigating around in Chinese
Shaanxi foods like 凉皮,肉夹馍,羊肉泡馍
Fruits like 火龙果,荔枝,山竹果
Noodles that ZJ will have a hard time replicating
妈妈爸爸张 and the rest of ZJ’s family
Students I’ve gotten close to
DQ dates
My 夹馍 vendor on 师大路
Veggie and fruit markets
Delhi Darbar, the Indian restaurant
Our 面片儿 haunt by the South Gate
Countryside R and R at ZJ’s 老家
Cafés, especially Sculpting in Time
The old campus bubble
煎饼果子,the ultimate breakfast
How quickly items we order on Taobao arrive
Free housing
If eager to do so, money can be made easily
16 hours or less workweeks
Free farm-to-table apples, apricots, walnuts, and veggies
妈妈张’s cooking
Slower pace of life
Conversations and time spent with ZJ’s family

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