A series of things: part two

See the first part of this series here

Things I will not miss about Xi’an, and to a larger extent, China: 

Banking and other errands that require endless bureaucracy to get done
People leering, staring, or pointing when I’m with or without my hubby
Foreigners and Chinese alike telling me how atypical, open-minded, or unique my husband is
Bus rides to and from the new campus
Being accosted by strangers to teach them English
People shouting HALLO as I walk by
Foreign as well as white privilege
The university’s inability to pay me what I’m rightly due
Cutthroat negotiation when taking on extra work for the department, students, or private tutoring and teaching
Serving as a translator or interpreter for those who don’t speak Chinese
Construction on the old campus disrupting my beauty sleep
Conversations about “our future kids”
The assumption that I would stay in China forever
Teaching (it’s also something I’ll miss)
The lousy subway system in Xi’an
This year’s schizophrenic Xi’an weather
Teaching on Saturdays or Sundays as a make up for extra holidays
Errands just taking an insane amount of time to accomplish
Chinese-style malls
Creaky, outdated, smelly, and on its last wheel public transport
Taxi drivers
People who pretend to not understand me when I speak Chinese
Peanut-gallery type comments from strangers
Face, 面子

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