Observations from Southern China Travels

After living in China for four years, you hear your fair share of Chinese telling you stark differences exist between Northerners and Southerners. Here are a few of my own, sometimes mundane and in no order of importance, observations about Southern China, as I myself have only lived in Xi’an, and I’m thus grouped in with Northerners: 

1. TP, or toilet paper in more public bathrooms
2. As ZJ put it, women seem braver; they wear short skirts, booty shorts, dresses and tend to bare their legs more (I like this; it’s too bloody hot!)
3. The area we stayed in Shenzhen, in contrast to Guangzhou, seemed littered with more trash or rubbish on the streets
4. Shenzhen’s temperature was milder, still smoggy, but nothing compared to the polluted skies of Xi’an
5. Bus ticket issuers carry portable IC, or bus card readers
6. Shenzhen airport’s architecture is incredibly modern, bordering on futuristic and feels airy, open and not crowded even though in 2013 it handled 32.6 million passengers
My list is far from exhaustive, and it’s likely I’ll come back to this list after traveling more around China in the future. What do you see as some regional differences around China? North/South? East/West? 

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