In a sudden fit of boredom and nostalgia, I looked back at previous entries the other day, particularly ones I wrote in my first year, when I hosted Xiananigans over at blogspot. The amount of detail, enthusiasm, and recounting of my days makes me wonder how I can revert back to that type of writing.

I think the key may lie in writing more frequently, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and just going with my gut. I’m not lacking ideas, or creative ways to put those ideas in writing. I’m a real sucker for excuses and it’s been rather easy for me to continue making them.

So, in the upcoming months, I’m looking forward to updating with more frequency. Coverage will be as follows:

* Restaurants we frequent
* My favorite places or foods in Xi’an
* A tourist’s guide to Xi’an
* My observations as they relate to AMWF relationships
* What’s up with the word 老外?
* Lijiang and Dali honeymoon trip
* Snapshot Sundays – some Sundays I will post a handful of photos
* Music Monday once a month introducing Chinese music or artists
* Wacky Wednesdays – I’ll tell a story, recent or otherwise, that seems novel, or may surprise and shock readers bi-weekly
* Throwback Thursdays – A past trip, observation, experience, event, or photo twice a month
* Fashion Fridays – a Satorialist-inspired fashion photog series twice a month
* A Humans of Xi’an series inspired by Humans of NYC
* Other content inspired by other bloggers, AMWF content, and life and work in Xi’an

Fellow bloggers:
What’s your secret to updating frequently, how do you find the time, and what else beside blogging takes up your time?

I’m also in need of hosting advice as connecting to my VPN is either cumbersome or sporadic. Is there a way to remotely update to WordPress, such as via email? Anyone have any luck with Tumblr? Or what’s the pros and cons of self-hosting and can you log in, post, update, and edit content without the assistance of a VPN? Does self-hosting require a basic or working knowledge of code/HTML?

Please, by all means, chime in…Xiananigans would love to hear from you!

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