What’s new?

Whenever my parents or friends I have regular contact with ask me this question, it’s a struggle to find an adequate answer. There’s been a real lack of xiananigans thanks in part to the weather and my own unwillingness.

ZJ and I await news related to our Guangzhou and Shenzhen travels earlier this month.

I will review a China-related memoir on the blog some time in July.

Today is the first day I’ve seen the sun in as long as I can remember. We’ve had weeks of rain, overcast skies, and 150-200 AQI days. I’m hoping the rainy weather subsides as the university scheduled the sports meet for Thursday and Friday, when I normally have classes.

In addition to the scheduled sports meet, the May Day holiday falls on May 1-3 so I have no Thursday classes. The department concerned ingeniously scheduled Friday classes on Sunday, May 4.

I should utilize these free days to catch up with a Chinese friend who has returned from her first year of grad school overseas, lesson plan, organize my computer in light of having to back up the system to an older version as a result of installing OSX Mavericks, and update Xiananigans.

I have many ideas swirling around about content, but my problem is executing those plans.

Concerned readers: what would you like to see covered here on Xiananigans?

2 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. Jocelyn Eikenburg says:

    Nice update!

    As for things to write about, I’d love to read almost anything about your life in Xi’an…what restaurants you like (and what you love to eat there), funny or interesting things that happen during your days, maybe even things you like about Xi’an. Lists are always fun to do as a blogger, so maybe you could come up with lists like best restaurants in Xi’an or best things to do or best places to visit.

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