I finally struck up the courage to publish again. I haven’t had anything published, at least in print, since college, regularly getting published in the Quindecim, Goucher College’s student newspaper in addition to publishing a film review for Hachette Filipacchi’s when I interned there.

Xianease is the local and premier (and the only one come to think of it!) English-language magazines for all things related to Xi’an. I’ve been copyediting for the magazine for a little over half a year. I felt contributing about my wedding would not only be an easy place to start writing again, at least for print, as well as validate that not only should I be writing on a more consistent basis, but seizing as many opportunities to check off my proverbial China bucket list. Therefore, I can now check “getting published (in China)” off said list!

You can either view the article in its digital version or view the PDF of the March 2014 issue (and if interested, download).

Wedding article online version

View PDF version of March 2014 issue of Xianease

Pictures of the cover of this month’s issue and the article from The Squirrel Cafe, introduced to me by Linda, where Jason and I snagged several copies of the magazine:



6 thoughts on “Published

  1. ordinary malaysian says:

    The teasing of the newlyweds here can sometimes get a little out of hand and a little beyond naughty. But part of the tradition for Chinese weddings here too. Congrats to you both! Both of you looked so happy and well matched!

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