The long road home

This is a collection, from Sandro, of the long journey home. You can see why 二哥 postponed the journey home to the following day, as the roads were treacherous and the highway “closed.” The car’s passengers switched while still on backroads, so that Cherie was with Mina, Jason, and I and John moved to the car with Dee, Sara, and Sandro. When we piled into the vehicles, a whole lot of thought and care was given to who would sit where (mostly so each driver could have at least one Mandarin-speaking foreigner). Once we reached the highway, after taking backroads, 二哥, who knew “somebody,” was able to get us on the highway. Soon after getting on, a police-led caravan zipped past us. We eventually made it home, around eight for us (each car had a different ETA), and Dee already awaited our arrival. Pizza arrived soon thereafter, a much needed nourishment and idea put forth by Cherie (much appreciated!).

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