Getting Ready

These photos capture Dee and I getting ready for the day’s events, again courtesy of Sandro. An excerpt from this portion of the wedding extravaganza:

On the morning of our wedding, Dee and I woke up around eight, so we had plenty of time to get dressed and such. We were told to be ready around ten, but in fact, were picked up much later than that. Sara, Sandro, and Cherie took pictures while Dee and I were getting ready: mostly pictures of Dee doing my makeup. Once dressed, most of the other guests came in and we took photos, awaiting the arrival of 张健 and his friends. 杨琦, a very close friend of 张健’s, knocked while we were still getting ready to see if we needed anything. I sent him to Mike and John’s room where they were watching a sporting event, and figured they could keep him entertained.

Read more about the wedding here or view more photos from being picked up at the hotel here.



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