The 2013 airpocalypse of Xi’an ended just a day or so ago. It skyrocketed all the way past 700 and has since come down to a more moderate level of 100-200. This is AQI, or air quality index, and anything over 100 is considered unhealthy, with levels of 200-300 considered hazardous at a twenty-four hour exposure. I’ve been wearing a mask with a filter, the kind you may see construction workers wearing in the States. The airpocalypse had a firm grasp during Christmas, leaving the traditional downtown and 大雁塔 parade of people adorning themselves with masks, devil horns, and other head gear unable to continue the trend…what a total shame (insert sarcasm here). ZJ and I braved the apocalyptic air to venture out, not on Christmas but the Monday prior, to enjoy 北京烤鸭. We went to a restaurant we frequented before, and it did not disappoint.

An early happy new year to all my followers far and wide. Let’s hope 2014 brings us all our hopes, dreams, and more!
新年快乐! 2013再见,过年好!我希望大家健健康康同乐同乐!






2 thoughts on “Airpocalypse和犹太式圣诞节

  1. Suigetsu says:

    Hey, are you Jewish? I find the Jewish (American) tradition of going to Chinese restaurants on Christmas fascinating.

    • maklu001 says:

      I am, and yes, it’s a rather curious tradition for American Jews which I think likely stems from the fact that most Chinese are areligious and therefore stay open on Christmas.

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