Pre-wedding photos







These images are long overdue so I’ll keep the commentary short and sweet. In China, it is all too common for couples to take wedding photos prior to their actual ceremony. This is mostly so that guests who attend the ceremony can have one or more blown-up images to look and comment at. We went to a professional photo studio where there is a selection of garments and dresses to choose from. We used 团购, a group-buy service just like Groupon, which allowed us five outfits to choose from. We opted to wear our street clothes for the final outfit. We posed for 150 photos. In addition to the garment swapping, your hairstyle is changed as well. The makeup artist did my makeup first, with that staying consistent throughout. She did overdo it a bit as far as foundation is concerned, since the only option is a white powder. Overall, I enjoyed getting dressed up, getting slightly pampered by having my makeup and hair done, and still waiting to see the final result. With the package we selected, we will get a photo album and a few larger images in the coming weeks. 

Have you ever taken pre-wedding photos and if so, what was your experience like? If not, what unanswered questions remain? 

8 thoughts on “Pre-wedding photos

    • maklu001 says:

      Thanks! We are holding the ceremony on February fifth. I’m still interested in writing our story for the site, and come January, I’ll have time to make it happen.

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