The Little Things

It’s been awhile since I have been introspective and seen life as a glass half full of water. Therefore, this post will look at a few items or notions that are often overlooked, but still make life in China worth it’s while.

Seeing the mountains in the morning as the bus pulls into the new campus.

A successful gym session where no other members interrupt the sanctity of working out. This mostly relates to members who are not Sara or Sandro and wish to take the opportunity to practice their English or ask me the typical rundown of questions reserved for foreigners.

A bowl of noodles. Not just any old bowl of noodles, but 面片儿。Jason and I only frequent this one establishment downtown, close to Parkqin, Jason’s workplace. 面片儿 is paired perfectly with raw garlic. I peel a few cloves while we wait for the noodles to arrive, then plop them into the bowl and intersperse a mouthful of noodles with a bite of garlic.

A successful “Groupon” booking. In China, there are myriads of groupon-like sites and as such, tons of deals on meals, clothes, travel, photo studios, and the like exist. It’s hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, it’s well worth the evening out, or the sometimes challenging task of locating the place. We went to Helen’s on Sunday night, a recently established restaurant and bar that has several locations throughout China, including Beijing. Deanna, my youngest sister, and I dined there for breakfast and I also went there on my second visit to Beijing, with Ruth during 2010-11 winter holiday. I couldn’t pass up the enticing offer to sample their Peking duck pizza 北京烤鸭🍕。Unfortunately, Helen’s in Xi’an does not offer such delicacies.

I chose to only address some little things that, as my students might say, make my life more “colorful.” It’s safe for all of you to assume that Jason makes life here pleasant and well worth the extended adventure that my one year stint has now turned into four.

In other news, the date of our ceremony is set for February 5. As more news about photo taking and the like unravel, I’ll let you all know.

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