Shaanxi History Museum

On one of my two days off, Thursday, Jason and I ventured to the Shaanxi History Museum. This museum has been touted by foreigners and Chinese alike, plus entrance is free. The museum chronicles Shaanxi history through the Zhou, Qin, Han & Tang dynasties. The collection includes bronze wares, pottery figures, and mural paintings from Tang tombs. In fact, the museum does a good job of displaying the artifacts with English tags and descriptions that actually make sense for native English speakers. This is partly due to the fact that my former boss, Dean Wu (now the head of the Foreign Affairs Office) made tremendous efforts towards assisting the museum. 

Terracotta Warriors  
My new friend, a Tang dynasty figurine. During the Tang dynasty, plump women were considered the ideal beauty.  
A model of the Zhangzimen Grottos’ shrine. 

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