Jason’s Birthday 张健的生日

Jason’s western birthday was June 1st. Chinese never make a big deal about birthdays, usually friends gather for a big meal and Chinese style birthday cake. So, in Chinese fashion, we had a nice lunch together at the new campus. We ate huluji and Jason made a surprising appearance in my afternoon class. He didn’t stay very long, but long enough that one of my students arrived, and was at first surprised, then confused, then finally delighted that she had a chance to sight the rare species that is my boyfriend. As class began, she particularly relished in the fact that this information needed to be disseminated as if she was tweeting, or more aptly appropriate for China, “weiboing” 微博. There aren’t any pictures and Jason has yet to receive his gift as he would like a new pair of sunglasses, preferably Ray-Ban-esque. I did write a very endearing letter (in English & Chinese) in his scrapbook journal I created for him last summer. 

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