Bagel Party & Movie Night

On Saturday the 12th (yes, I know awhile ago!), I hosted and attended a party 聚会.

In the morning, Sue, Mike, & Dan, hosted a bagel party at Sue’s place. It was a nice chance to enjoy bagels from the Taiwanese bakery in Ming de Men 明德门(where my gym is located). These are the most authentic bagels 贝果 you will find in Xi’an. There was of course plenty of other things to nosh on, as most guests did not arrive empty handed. There was plenty of fruit 水果 (cherries 樱桃, sweet melon 甜瓜, stawberries 草莓)and cheese and crackers. In addition there was lots of conversation. It was a nice way to do two things most of us love: eat and talk.

Later on in the evening, I hosted a Wine 葡萄酒 & Movie 电影 night. We watched Midnight in Paris 《午夜巴黎》, a film some of the group had seen while others had not. Sara, John, Meg, Michelle, Jason and I also snacked on cheese and crackers, popcorn, fruit while sipping wine or another beverage of choice. I think the movie pick was appropriate for most of the food choices, and some of the selections were French wines. I am planning another movie night, hopefully this weekend, and either we will watch The Artist or Before Sunrise. I haven’t yet decided. This time, I will ask my guests to bring their own snacks, either to share or to horde for themselves.

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