Latest 西安anigans

My schedule has basically followed a very consistent pattern:

6 hours of classes including two conversational classes and one listening & speaking class

4 hours of conversational classes, exercising at the gym followed by a lecture at the Medical & Military University in Xi’an (more about that in a later entry)

3 hours of Chinese class, TOEFL tutoring which has now ended, and exercising at the gym

Studying Chinese with my upstairs neighbor and going to the gym.

6 hours of listening & speaking classes followed by yoga at the gym

Saturday & Sunday
Studying Chinese, going to the gym, TOEFL class which has now ended, and running errands

Other than that, the last few months have been peppered with a few excursions including: visiting the BanPo Museum (this is prehistoric humans’ culture), visiting 汉中 Hanzhong, a Shaanxi city near the Sichuan border that at one time was the center of the Han majority’s culture, attending one of Jason’s high school classmates’ wedding and eating out a lot (although as of late I am cooking).

One thought on “Latest 西安anigans

  1. Linda says:

    Uuh, a chinese wedding. I'm jealous! I want to eat real Chinese food again. I really, really miss it. I even dreamt of eating mapo doufu 😉

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