Kentucky Derby Party

The afternoon prior to the Kentucky Derby, Chris, John, and Meg threw a party in honor of the event (The race took place 3am our time). The invitation, created by John, can be found below:

“May 5th (Saturday) is the date of this year’s Kentucky Derby, and I am proud to continue a long standing (three years) tradition at XISU of organizing a Kentucky Derby Party. 

The annual XISU Kentucky Derby Bash Extravaganza was the brainchild of a former XISU teacher named Andrew Womack (affectionately referred to as ‘Kentucky’ … I think he was from Texas). He wanted to recreate the feeling of community that the Derby is so famous for and, in the process, share a bit of his culture with the rest of us. As a child of the South, I share that desire. (Though, to be fair, I really just like the excuse to “dress up”, wear an awesome hat and drink copious amounts of alcohol. You know, Southern Culture.)

Like all good Derby Parties, the XISU Kentucky Derby Bash Extravaganza will feature fried chicken and Mint Juleps. And for those who don’t know what to expect/do: We get “gussied up”, gather in the rose garden between the two apartment blocks (near the ping-pong table), eat, drink and revel in each other’s company. (If you have any suggestions/requests/offers regarding food or drink for the party, please contact me at 15991657355. I can tell you now, watermelon is always a crowd favorite.) 

So if you would like to celebrate our community and experience a bit of Southern Culture*, up close and personal, throw on your glad rags, wear the most outrageous/fantastic hat you can get your hands on and join us on Saturday. The festivities will kick off in the afternoon (around four) and continue well into the night.For those who are interested (and still standing), we will also be holding the first annual ‘Inebriated Retelling of Historical Events’ afterwards. (Not a joke.)John 

(* Southern Culture, for those who don’t know, is, in this case, a reference to the culture found in the south-eastern part of the United States of America. It is varied and difficult to pin down but, generally, reflects a sense of community, a love of the outdoors and a penchant for long winding narratives.)”

And yes, we ate KFC, which is quite fitting I might add. I made my first attempt at brownies from scratch. There was conversation and games. In the evening, I didn’t attend, but I could hear the festivities; Meg, John, & Matt (a Chinese-American teacher in the international studies department), all history majors, retold famous events. For an example of what might have occurred, as the point is to do this while heavily intoxicated, here are two exemplary videos, where they drew inspiration: Drunk Histories: The WashingtonsDrunk Histories: Edison & Tessela
My hat I purchased at XiaoZhai. This hat is actually popular amongst young Chinese girls (!) I bought it with sheer hilarity in mind. 
Hui Xin (Mike’s friend), Mike, and I. 

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Party

  1. Linda says:

    I would have loved to join your party! Was Max there (the German teacher from Münster)?
    And: How did your brownies turned out?

    I also have to bake this week. We're celebrating the start of my new job on Wednesday!

    You look beautiful with your hat! 🙂

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