Sakura Festival

Several weeks ago, Sara, Jason, and I visited JiaoTong University 交通大学, better known as Jiao Da 交大 (It’s the Communications University). It’s also the top destination for foreigners studying Chinese in Xi’an slash it’s the most touted program. For those unfamiliar with horticulture, Sakura is the Japanese name for Cherry Blossoms. We wandered around the campus finally stumbling upon the blossoms.

Standing in front of the first area of cherry blossoms, photo captured by Jason. 
张健 (Zhang1Jian4) Jason and 玛丽莎 (ma3li4sha1) I 
As we went on a Wednesday, there were only a few groups of people milling about. We had been warned against going on the weekends, when there are hordes of people. I recently learned a Chinese idiom that exemplifies Chinese crowds: 人山人海 (ren2shan1ren2hai3), which literally translates to people mountain, people sea. My students had asked for my help with making sense of this expression. In fact, it translates best to a “sea or a crowd of people”, which China has an abundance of. 
Another area with an abundance of cherry blossoms near some of the academic buildings. JiaoDa 交大 is known for  its engineering and medical programs. 

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