May Day Holiday

We had two days off for International Labor Day 劳动节 (lao2dong4jie2), celebrated on May 1st. We were required to make up our Monday classes on April 28th. On Labor Day, Mike, Jason, and I dined at Small World Cafe located at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. This Western cafe is owned by a Dutch woman whose Chinese husband serves as her silent partner. When foreigners open businesses, especially eateries, in China it’s essential to have a Chinese partner or at least a pseudo-Chinese partner. The red tape seems to disband itself. Anyway, the three of us were joined by Mike’s friend, Hui Xin, who I have met on one other occasion. She quite easy to get along with as she understand the subtleties of sarcasm and can keep with Mike and I, or  really just Mike. She studied in France and we often talk about our fondness for pastries. One of these days, I’d like to invite her over to make both of our’s first attempt at pastry making (I’ve baked at home, but with a lot of instruction from Mom & Dad). After lunch, we headed to a street market John had mentioned to me the previous day. It was mostly books, fake jade ware and other kiln ware; I was looking for classic literature with Chinese on one page and English on the adjacent page (No luck!). We then headed to XiaoZhai so that Mike could practice his bargaining skills and buy a new hat. I ended up purchasing a very flowery hat for the Kentucky Derby party (an entry will soon follow). After wandering around the bargaining market at XiaoZhai, rather unsuccessfully, as my bargaining skills still leave a lot to be desired, we headed back to the campus and parted ways. Jason and I went to get haircuts. I just got a trim as this is rather hard to have complications with. My 10 kuai haircut now costs 15 kuai. Inflation! Even my jien bien guozi now cost a whopping 4 kuai… 

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