White Elephant Party

Mike hosted what’s called a White Elephant Party. I had never heard of such an event. As I explained in an earlier post, every partygoer brings a gift, preferably something inexpensive, or tacky, possibly ugly, maybe useless, but definitely interesting or entertaining. Gifts are exchanged in a fashion that the first person chooses from the pile, then the next person has the choice to take the first person’s gift or one of the remaining gifts from the pile, and so on until everyone has chosen something. There was a twist. After everyone chose something, we then had to pass our gifts to the person on our right. I was quite saddened by this because I had stolen headphones from one of the guests, as I recently found myself in dire need of a pair. I was quite fortunate though, because I was sitting next to Sara and she happily returned them to me. 

At the same time that the White Elephant gift giving was going on, there was also a Secret Santa exchange. I don’t think this one needs an explanation. I didn’t partake in this , but there were some good gifts all around. One of the Mormon couples received a really nice scrapbook filled with Chinese words, pictures of Chinese food, artifacts, and everything and anything related to China. It made me think perhaps I should have partaken in it, but there is always next year!

Mike’s miniature tree with some Secret Santa and White Elephant presents underneath.  

An abundance of snacks. 
Mike and his Christmas tree. 

Christine wearing her tacky White Elephant gift. 
Gale receiving Linda or Immo’s White Elephant gift. Sara received mine: it was a little stuffed rabbit I had laying around my apartment. 
One of Mike’s Secret Santa gifts from Sue. 
Ma Ying and I. Ma Ying was making fun of my purse, which she is wearing, because she said it looked like something her mother uses. Again, I always have similar things to older Chinese women. I have seen at least several older women wearing my current winter coat. 
The White Elephant gift pile.

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