Characters Part 2

I had said when new characters entered my life I would introduce them. Well, she is no longer that new, as she has been here since September, and we met briefly last year, while she was visiting Tine.

Linda has been an amazing friend this semester. She has put up with a lot, to say the least. My bad China days have been far too numerous to rehash them all here, and I want to keep this blog mostly positive about my experiences.

She spends a lot of time at my apartment. We have had numerous sleepovers. She likes cooking and cleaning, even when I tell her not to. It’s nice to have someone else’s company even when we are working on different things or sitting next to each other quietly.

I have attended some interesting events with her, including German corner at the new campus. She has visited the gym with me on a couple of occasions as a guest. We have frequented many restaurants together. She introduced me to Ma Ying, a Chinese German teacher, with whom I practice Chinese with and have lunch with every Monday.

I will certainly miss her when she leaves…She is also only here for half a year and that time is nearly upon us!

Linda, Jason, and I. 
One of Linda’s many treats. 
At German corner. Linda doesn’t teach first-years like I do. She teaches second and third year students. In addition, she teaches a Master’s class.
Well-attended. My students also attend activities such as this. A student discussed the English club he attends every week during the oral component of his final exam.  
red wine cake covered in delicious dark chocolate. Linda wanted to make this for her birthday in October, but alas she didn’t have all the necessary ingredients. I’m amazed at how easy she makes baking look. 
Red wine cake, interior.  
candied almonds. Linda also made a batch for the Hanukkah party!  
Oat-ginger balls with chocolate sprinkles. Very tasty…just the right amount of ginger. 

One thought on “Characters Part 2

  1. Linda says:


    My dearest Marissa, my love, my friend, my “room mate”, I enjoy every minute with you. It is a pleasure to be around you and “make friendship with you” (Chinglish)!

    – Linda

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