National Holiday 国庆节

I already mentioned 国庆节, but I wanted to give an account of the various activities.

I had an excessive amount of “me” time. I did activities that could be best listed under personal development. I went to the gym nearly every day, without my companion Sara. Linda was also gone, as she traveled with her father to Beijing and Hohhot for the holiday. I also studied Chinese extensively, mostly reviewing and improving my character recognition. Jason was not available, as he had to work.

I did, however, get to enjoy Daphney’s company on a couple of occasions. I also had a chance to catch up with my 姐姐 (elder sister), Hui Li, and my 妹妹 (younger sister), Yang Di, Huihui, and Beibei. Daphney and I checked out the recently opened H&M. I did find some things, several basic long-sleeved shirts and a pair of khaki-colored linen pants, but the selection was quite disappointing. Not as well-stocked as H&M in Beijing & Shanghai, but that isn’t necessarily a surprise. Daphney cooked lunch prior to our shopping adventure.

Daphney’s cooking. The purple rice was a nice change from the mundane, bland taste of white rice.
Huihui’s parents. Her dad spent 20 minutes trying to teach me 5,000 years of Chinese history. He also informed me that he is well-connected, so if I ever have any legal issues while I am here, I should not hesitate to ask for his assistance. Huihui’s mother made jiaozi, or dumplings for lunch and an array of other dishes. She even sent me home with leftovers and I had meals for the remainder of the week. 
Huihui’s dog, Bear. She is very sweet. 
Huihui and I. She is a former student of my 姐姐,Hui Li.  
Lunch with Huihui, Beibei & Yang Di (the latter two are pictured above). We went to a restaurant which serves soup baozi, although I would consider them to be closer to a dumpling. These girls are a lot of fun to spend time with. We talk in a combination of Chinese and English. Almost no subject is off limits and I feel completely comfortable around them. After lunch, they spent some time at my apartment and taught me two Chinese card games.

Classes resumed on Saturday so I taught my Thursday class in the morning. The class was accidentally cut short, due to the fact that the power in all of the language labs went off without a more specific reason than “it’s China.” 

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