May/June 2011 in Photos

Last year, I didn’t update during my last two months. May and June were a flourish of various activities. 
I don’t recall what Chinese city this model was representing. 
Chang’an Tower & Friendship Sculpture. 
Pictured in front of the waterfall in one of the greenhouses. 
Tourism Department Speech Contest
The only good picture I had of John and I at the speech competition. I gave one of my students my camera…perhaps I should have instructed her how to use it. The students in the foreground were two of my MICE students. 
Demon, one of my MICE students giving a speech about Hainan. Only one of my students gave a speech in English, the others spoke in Chinese. 

 Goucher visits XISU

Lecturing to a group of Goucher students. I informed them about working and living in China, hoping to inspire one of them to return and teach at XISU. 
Steve, Michael, and I. Steve is the Goucher professor who advises the China: Past, Present, and Future intensive study abroad course. Michael, a professor at George Mason, accompanies him. They are immensely responsible for my current position at XISU. I would have never known an opportunity like this was available to me if I hadn’t had them as advisers. They also provided me with sound advice regarding grad school. I am forever indebted to them. 
Goucher and XISU students, Steve, Michael, and I. 

 Hua Shan 华山

On the gondola. Thankfully, this gondola was engineered and constructed in Austria. It was quite an added relief as I have a slight fear of heights. 
North Peak in the distance. 
I like the artsiness of this photo. Taking a photo of someone else photographing with the peaks in the distance. 
Tine observing as we wait in line to ride the gondola back down. 

 My Students 我的学生

English Class 3
English Class 4
English Class 1
English Class 2
Management Class 2 
Management Class 1
MICE (Management in Events and Conference Services)

 Class Parties

English Class 1 
The feast I cooked up (5 times I might add), with Isabella’s and Tine’s help. French toast. stir-fry, fruit salad, salad, french fries, chips  & salsa. 
Bruce, Lily, Susan, Jeffrey, Lucy, Sharon enjoying the meal. 
English Class 3 Party. This class gave me a beautiful framed shadow puppet folk art picture. I will photograph it when I have it displayed in the apartment. 

 Big Girls’ Night Out 

Tine and I after a night at Parkqin, Fantasy, and then KTV. We left KTV at 6am. 
Tine and Isabella at Fantasy, a club. We went for a total of 15 minutes, it was unfortunately Korean dance music night and the music was completely intolerable, in our opinions, so we left for KTV. 

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